A Bit About our mobile app


A. ‘Nijyo app’ is an aggregator platform between ‘BUSINESSMEN & CUSTOMERS’.

This app is a searching app for all type of Businesses available near you, like –

Shops,Showrooms,Restaurants,Doctors,Advocates,C.A.,Travel,Loans,Hotels,Repairs,Jobs,Theatres,Properties,Hostels,P.G., Cyber-cafeetc.

B. ‘Nijyo app’ is an aggregator platform between ‘TRAINERS & TRAINEES’

This is a searching app for all type of ‘INSTITUTES’ available near you, like-

Competitive Exams, Preparation for Govt. Job Entrance Tests, I.T & Computer Education, Graduation & Post Graduation, Hotel Management Courses, Sports,Music & Dance, Beauty & Wellness , Living Art, Languages, Communication, Distance Learning Education, Play Schools, Public Schools, Technical Colleges, Medical & Pharmacy Colleges, Fashion Designing Institutes, Private Coaching Institute, Home Activities Such As Cooking Food, Gardening , Acting, Film Making, Animation, Media & Journalism, Entrepreneurial Training Institute, Writing Books, Account Education, Finance Education, Stock Market Institutes, Event Management, Hospitality, Social Work, Human Resources, Life Insurance Training, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Training Centers, etc.

C. The greatest strength of this app is that there is no commission between Business-Customer and Institutes-Students.

-We have a map location in which Businesses & Institute blink with ‘nijyo circle’ icon.
–Businessmen &Trainers can upload their free images for all site visitors.
-Trainees & Trainers will decide the place & fee structure of education or training.
-Registration process is very easy to use, not many documents are required.

D ‘Nijyo App’ is also a job searching platform in business & institute -

a. -You can find the best trainer with the help of star rating ***** for recruiting your institute.
b. -You can find the best Job as a trainer in any institute.
c. -You can also find job in Nijyo Online Services Private Limited. We have more than 5 Lakhs vacancies. You can get more information in ‘career’.


You can find the Best Trainers with the help of star rating ***** for recruiting your institute or academy. (talented/house wives/coaches/teachers/professors)
-You can find the Best Job as a trainer in any institute or academy.-Illiterate people can also join us .Because nijyo is a cultural organization.